If you have been watching the stock market there has been a lot of news to follow over the past two weeks (Congress raising the debt ceiling, dramatic dips in equity markets, the rise in the price of gold, Ben Bernanke’s┬ácommitment┬áto hold down interest rates over the next two years) which is why you may have missed landmark news in the technology sector: briefly yesterday, Apple became the largest publicly traded company in the world by market capitalization.

Although Exxon surged ahead at the end of trading to maintain its status as Heavyweight Champion of the S&P 500, Apple has achieved an enormous feat that many analysts thought wouldn’t happen for several months. It is particularly impressive given that Apple is operating in an industry that is highly competitive and dynamic. It has been an exceptionally innovative company that has been able to diversify its products without losing quality or focus.

It is great to hear that the technology industry is having such great growth, but with increasing dissemination of devices there is an increasing need for proper disposal solutions, so we will keep working to make sure that there is an easy and efficient way to handle the old devices.

How well the company either holds its value or grows is yet to be seen, but I know that I still loving using my Apple products: after I write this post on my Macbook, I’m going to download a few new songs off of iTunes and go for a run with my iPod.


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